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Improper City

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“I can't overstate how incredible the service that Hazeltine Design has done for my business has been! It is rare to see original content these days but the ideas produced with Hazeltine for our brand were truly one of a kind and deeply rooted in the values of our business! There is really nothing this group cant do (I've thrown several curveball requests and all have been knocked out of the park)!”
Justin Riley, Co-Founder, Improper City
“He works on another level to bring your ideas and vision to life. We would not be who we are, where we are, or where we are going without him. Our brand has a heart and identity now thanks to David. Straight bad A**!”
Hank Grant, Co-Founder, Improper City

In 1871, travel writer Rose Kinglsey wrote about the city of Denver: “It’s as if the angels were carrying a city to a proper place but accidentally dropped it here.” Improper City celebrates that divine happenstance, the improper means by which a survived in the middle of nowhere. Located in the RiNo Art District, Improper City curates Denver’s finest food trucks, craft beer, local artists and community led events, offering space to partake, participate, or just be. From nowhere to now here.

Molly Brown

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This is what happens when a chemical engineer becomes obsessed with crafting grain-to-glass whiskey.


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Expo is a brokerage app that makes decentralized margin trading easy. Their goal is to abstract the mechanics in a way that removes the current crypto-barrier.

MAG Collective

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The MAG Collective is a diverse group of hand-selected experts joining forces to create lasting impact.

Hygge Power

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“My experience with David was the smoothest among any brand and marketing service provider yet! That and concurrent with attention to detail, presence, flexibility and exceptional design end product for us at Hygge Power, hands down he is a part of the team!”
Caleb Scalf, CEO and Founder, Hygge Power

Not only is Hygge bringing the home power outlet into the 21st century, but they’ve made me realize there’s so much I don’t know about the power in my home. This Boulder startup is out to bring power to the people, by giving folks control over their usage and empowering them to truly own it. Their flagship product, OPO, a smart device that simply levels-up any outlet, is set to launch early next year. I worked closely with their team on the official “hello world” package to ensure their look'n'feel was strong and clear as they entered the market.

Hippo Health


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“David is a truly talented designer. He can synthesize beautiful designs from multiple people‚Äôs input and wow customers in so many ways. His approach is simple but unique and truly outstanding.”
Kevin McGarvey, CEO and Founder, Hippo Health

Telemedicine is the future. But its been around for years now, so why isn’t everyone using it? The doctors behind Hippo Health have a guess, and they’re determined to prove that medical care on your phone can be just as personal as in-office care. Now we can ask those questions that didn’t seem worth a drive to the clinic and stop self diagnosing. I joined as Creative Director to lead all design and user experience efforts for product and marketing.


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Divvi is a platform that automates uncontested divorce.

Pro Vision

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Pro Vision is a high school football training academy which supplements a player’s regular practice schedule. With the average school team’s ratio of kids to coaches at least 10 to 1, Pro Vision aims to fill the gaps. Trainers work with no more than groups of six. And more important than sharing the experience of playing at the highest level, each trainer is dedicated to the person. Not just the player or the position. Equipping young people to learn the value of setting and achieving goals. Of making excellence a habit. I helped develop the identity, website, enrollment and scheduling flow, and other essential go-to-market touchpoints.

Boss Drop

#brand #squarespace #collateral

Everyone knows: when you defeat a boss, you get mad loot. That’s the idea behind this web store hocking all manner of equally fun and nerdy treasures. Building a brand identity where you’re essentially the target audience is pretty satisfying. It’s not every day you get to draw monster skulls and use Zelda screen grabs as a reference. This was a quick project, with just a few rounds of review on the brand and using Squarespace for its many quick yet powerful plug’n’play features.

Rayback Collective

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Coming off a successful Kickstarter, the fine folks behind the Boulder Food Park needed a brand that aligned with their vision to be more than just a food park. The plan was to renovate an old warehouse space, once a beloved plumbing business run by a local guy, Marion Rayback. This man embodied the spirit of the team’s new venture: to serve the community through hospitality and creating a space for the people to call their own. As a senior designer at Human Design, I lead the rename, rebrand and rollout for the Rayback Collective.

Launch Lab

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As with the whole cobbler’s shoeless children thing, the 20 year resort marketing experts at Launch Lab felt that their brand and materials were lacking. A conversation about a new website lead to a larger conversation about possible shortcomings in their overall visual identity. A few rounds later, they’re now equipped with more than a fresh look, but a brand that will allow them to compete with the big dogs and serve them for the next 20 years.


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When I was first introduced to this project, it was an already playable demo with an impressive infrastructure. However, as the love child of two badass engineers it wasn’t much to look at (not to mention the working title was "Word Fart"). After asking a few questions, it was clear that they didn’t have much of an identity strategy, much less, any idea of how to present and market this thing. My role quickly came to include branding, illustration, copywriting, marketing, front-end development, and anything else I was able to get my hands on. I’m proud of where it has come and it is so close to being done! Standby.

Cancer Q


Terry Williams said “an individual doesn’t get cancer, a family does.” Yet somehow, even in the age of information, it seems like every family must start from scratch when it comes to navigating the many options and decisions that follow. The folks at Cancer Q say that “cancer connects us all.” We’re all family. And if that’s the case, we should never have to start from scratch. The Cancer Q platform provides a feed of carefully curated resources from others who have been there, and becomes a hub for any additional resources you find along the way. “Together is courage.”

Kind words

“The work is really good, and I know it was a last minute request, so I'm grateful.”
Peter Vidani, Bond Street
“We love working with David whenever we can. He brings a ton of creativity, depth and experience to the table.”
Chris Kalani, Wake
“David possesses a hyper-vibrant brain. This brain conjures remarkable creative work unlike anything you could imagine. Just trust me ok?”
Pasquale D'Silva, Thinko

David Carroll

Currently living in Corvallis, OR with my baby momma and our little buckaroo. I've been told I'm a generous laugher, I love exploring this big wide world, and I pretend I can still skateboard.

Where does "Hazeltine" come from? Short answer: my grandmother, Mary Hazeltine. Read the instagram post.

I've been in the business of brand and digital design for over 10 years, and doing it for fun even longer . These days I get excited about building scalable brand systems, planning and executing user-friendly ux/ui, and generally just helping folks reach the next step in their project. Whatever that may look like.

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